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Interview with a Licensed Esthetician

Elated Hearts is proud to be a company that focuses on overall wellness. Our services, whether it is selling self-care products, hosting community events, or providing educational tips, are meant to inspire others to find ways to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. This being said, Elated Hearts will continue to reach out to experts in the wellness industry to educate us and share the information we gathered with our customer/fan base.

Today we were able to touch bases with Jennifer McKeever from Central Illinois. Jennifer is a licensed skincare provider, makeup artist and esthetician. She is a black owned business woman, wife, and mother of two. Jennifer is an enthusiast and promoter of self-love and confidence, and you can see this through and through on her social media pages. Jennifer's bubbly and cheerful personality glows just like her skin. so We were thankful that Jennifer was able to take time out of her busy schedule, and with a quick response, agreed to meet with the Elated Hearts Team.

Jennifer we would like to thank you once again for being available to our team. Can you let the readers know exactly what is an esthetician, and what does a typical day entail?

As a licensed Esthetician, I specialize in corrective skin care treatments (Corneotherapy). I also provide my clients with other services such as lash lifting, full body waxing and makeup artistry for weddings; special occasion events; and professional headshots. I'm a beauty educator that helps others all around the globe learn how to properly apply their makeup and skincare products. A typical day for me is full of clients wanting personal services & quality beauty education- to enhance their natural features and boost their confidence.

What a great service to provide. So not only are clients getting beautified and feeling great but they also know that their money is well spent due to you taking the time to educate customers on ways to keep up with the maintenance once they return home.

Jennifer why would you say that skincare is part of a healthy lifestyle?

Our skin is the body's largest organ! It is so important that we take care of the skin because it does so much protecting, shielding, and releasing harmful toxins from our bodies. By using quality skin care products we are able to give our skin cells the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients that allow them to work at their best ability on a cellular level. Skincare helps to keep the skin hydrated and protects from environmental pollution that causes damage.

You being a makeup artist and licensed esthetician, how do you set yourself apart from others int he field?

My field is very oversaturated. Staying unique and true to myself has always been important to me. My focus when I first started in my field was always on sanitation. I felt many in pre-covid times weren't always following the crucial steps to keep clients safe. I always made that a professional priority even before the global pandemic.

Yes, it is important that anywhere you are receiving services to check your surroundings. Check to make sure that the tools are sterilized and clean, the counter space is up to part and that the person you are receiving services hands are clean. I even take an extra step and look at the corners of the floor and behind desk and chairs to see if there is any dirt and debris.

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of my job as an esthetician (besides my amazing clients) is the freedom! I have full control over my schedule, pricing, the products that I use, the services I offer, and the clients I want. Everything is all on me. I work for myself. I don't have anyone to answer to, except my clients. I am building my own beauty brand. It gives me true independence and a sense of worth in my business and I thrive tremendously because of it.

I know there are a variety of skin types out there, however what would you recommend many of us should include in our daily skincare routine?

Skin is very diverse. There are so many different skin types, textures, tones and concerns that people have. The most important skin care product for every single type of skin would be SPF. The sun is the biggest cause of skin damage and aging of the skin. We must protect it! Other important skin care products (for your specific skin type) that you should have in your arsenal would be a quality cleanser, exfoliant, targeted serum, and a moisturizer.

Speaking of routines, you being a wife, a mother, entrepreneur, and I'm sure you probably wear many other hats, how do you maintain a work life balance?

Being self employed, and working my business in an appointment only format works great for my lifestyle. My Sundays are spent strategically planning out the entire week with the family. This includes going over schedules, budget planning, chore lists, meal planning, online grocery shopping, personal goal discussion, reflection and business planning. I love staying organized and having a plan.

Do you have a quote that motivates you throughout the day rather it is at work or in your personal life?

"Trust The Timing"- It all will come to you when you are aligned and ready for it. That "It" is different for everyone. Just know that you won't ever receive what you're wanting if you aren't actively putting the work in!

If you could provide the readers only one special tip for the day, what would it be?

It's never too early or too late to start a proper skin care routine! Remember that all products are not created equal. Learn about the ingredients that are in them versus what influencer is advertising them!

Is there anything in the near future that you are working on or pursuing?

My focus for 2022 is building virtual beauty educational courses and launching my own line of hydrating lip oils and other beauty enhancements!

That sounds awesome. Please keep us updated in regards to launching your own products. I can't wait to try them. I must say the products that you are selling on your website seem pretty amazing as well so I am definitely looking forward to your upcoming line.

Our interview has come to an end, but don't worry we will hear a lot more from Jennifer in the near future. Jennifer, can you let us know how we can follow you or get in touch with you through your social media?

Yes I can, is my website and I can be found on all social networks: @JenTheEsty.

Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to meet with Elated Hearts. We encourage everyone to check out Jenny's social media pages as well as stay tuned to our website where Jennifer has graciously agreed to do a few makeup and skin care tutorials to the Elated Hearts Community. Stay tuned!

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