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Who surrounds you

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

One of the things that I have learned throughout the years is having a solid support system can make a big difference in how you move throughout life. A good support system allows you to go through difficult times without feeling alone and navigate life with a little more ease. It is not about the number of people that you surround yourself with, but who will be there in your corner as you move throughout different stages of your life. Ask yourself “who will be there for me to lift me up when I am feeling low, who will tell me what I need to hear and not go along with what I say, and who is going to encourage me to improve my life? When I succeed who will be there to celebrate my success”.

Working on improving your life?

A strong support team should consist of people who you look to for inspiration, advice, and encouragement. When building this support system, the primary focus should not be on who can provide you with tangible items such as money, childcare, transportation, etc. It should be thoroughly thought over. Who meets your emotional needs, who is informative and can provide good advice, and who can say things that make you self-reflect? When in question about the company you keep, ask yourself “am I surrounding myself with others who are keeping me stagnant”. You should have a team of people that you can trust and respect.

Your support system can consist of family members, friends, coworkers, and providers. When building this team of support, make sure you are aware of who to go to with what types of needs. After all, you would not go to your family for medical advice or your friends to seek advice for mental health needs. Who will you seek out for the emotional support you need, who can you count on when finances get tight, and who can educate you in areas of need? Do not set yourself up for failure with expectations from others who are unable to provide assistance for your needs, and make sure not to burn your bridges. You should play an active role in the support groups that you are in; you should be a resource to others. What do you offer to others in the support systems you are in, and how can others benefit from you?

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