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Spa Life Self-Care Box

Spa Life Self-Care Box

Take a moment to indulge in self-care. This box has a mixture of some of our great skin in beauty products located in our boutique.

Box includes:

1 pair of exfoliating gloves (color may vary)

1 pair of non slip fuzzy socks (color may vary)

1 gentle soothing bath sponge

1 bar of our Japanese citrus chamomile organic soap or 1 Dead Sea Salt Mineral Bar

1 lavender tea tree and activated charcoal facial bar

1 11oz Vanilla Candle

1 Organic Lavender Essential Oil Shampoo Bar or 1 Organic Essential Oil Green Tea Shampoo Bar

1 Organic Lavender Essential Oils Conditioner Bar or 1 Organic Essential Oil Green Tea Conditioner Bar

    Excluding Sales Tax

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