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It's Okay.

"Sometimes when things are falling apart they may be falling in place".

"It's okay, I'm okay". This is what my daughter speaks in her sleep while laying beside me. Such a positive affirmation for anyone to quote to themselves. This is very wise coming from a four-year-old.

Ask me what I’m doing while she is lending me this knowledge to ponder. I am currently wide awake lying beside her at 4 a.m. Unable to sleep, trying to stop my racing thoughts and calm my mind, as I begin to notice thoughts that can lead to anxiety. Hoping that I have made the right decisions that will set me up for success in the new year. Thinking about being grateful for a new job opportunity while at the same time questioning if it’s the right choice for me. I am thinking about all I have to do this month for my business and what I need to do to not neglect my home. All of these thoughts that lead to more anxiety-provoking thoughts continue as I try to wind myself down.

“It’s okay, I’m okay”, is something that I will carry with me throughout the week. I will remind myself of this phrase, being reassured that everything will work itself out. I will carry it with me when I’m feeling discouraged and/or anxious. I will also carry this phrase in my heart to remind myself that I got this.

My daughter will not know what she said when she wakes up later in the morning. She will not know the power that these words hold. She will not acknowledge that the words her mommy recites back to her when she is going through a difficult time, are something that already lives deep down inside her. Thank you, Nyomi for the words of encouragement that lead to breaking the chain of negative thoughts.

Live, Love, Laugh

Jessica J

I encourage you as a reader to remind yourself that you are okay when you are faced with life’s challenges. Also, what are some positive affirmations that you tell yourself?

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