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Just to Feel Good

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

So, I was sitting outside the other day watching the neighborhood kids play. I watched this one girl, braids flying behind her like spaghetti noodles, as she sailed around on her scooter. I watched as with every push she sang, "push and push and push a little more", next push of the leg, "I said a push and push and push and push me to the door". Her song went on and on repeating itself as she zipped around the parked cars.

I watched my daughter clean out our car. She in no way wanted to do it, and I eventually had to threaten not to drive her anywhere else if she didn't get the task done. What was fascinating to me is that even though she stomped out of the house to do it, I could hear her singing a song as she did. No, not a song from the radio, but one she had made up,

"When I get my car, I'm gonna go somewhere far, no more momma telling me what to do, oh momma (and she glared at me on this part) I won't be seeing you."

I giggled as I listened to her continue to create new lyrics to her song, none of them flattering to me, but all G rated- of course. That is when I started to think, when did we lose that fun of creating our little songs? Our beats and rhythms.

I can recall jumping rope as a kid and just loving to sing the phrases,

"Old King Mamba, King of the jungle, bought his wife a new pair of shoes, and when those shoes began to wear, Old King Mamba said I declare...".

I could also remember my third-grade friend, whose name I can't recall, dropping his King Kong into the seal pen at the zoo by accident. He could have cried and thrown a fit but instead, he immediately said- wait disclaimer this is not a sweet jingle, okay? He said,

"There goes King Kong, with the rubber, rubber ding___...". Well, you get it.

When did we, and I mean us adults, stop creating those songs just to enjoy and make ourselves feel better? Whether it's in the fun while we are doing our favorite hobby, or when cleaning, or when we get upset at someone. So I tried it.

"My daughter better clean the car, (un hun) She better clean real good, (un hun), cause if she doesn't, (un hun), She gonna get exactly what she should".

My daughter looked at me and we both began to laugh. This is my challenge for you today. Find a moment today to create your little song or verse. Do it spontaneously and don't worry if the lyrics make sense. If you stub your toe today, or someone cuts you off while driving- make a jingle. If you find some money or get a good deal at a store- make a jingle. Go ahead, try it. Yeah, you. Just do it and enjoy!

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Nov 27, 2022

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